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Our Company

Rainbow Landscape & Hardscape is a comprehensive, year-round grounds maintenance company providing lawn care, landscaping and snow removal services at competitive prices. In addition to our maintenance contracts, we offer quality installations of landscape and Hardscape designs.

Established more than Thirty years ago, Rainbow Landscape & Hardscape includes among its clients commercial enterprises, government agencies, and non-profit organizations located throughout the five-county Philadelphia area as well as New Jersey and Delaware. 

At Rainbow we strive ourselves to give our customers the best job possible. On a day to day basis we work on reaching these virtues:

Quality...All of our customers receive high quality work.

Efficiency...We work as efficiently as possible to keep the prices for our customers down.

Safety...Every week our workers are trained in a different safety category to keep them on top of things. 

We have used these to ideals become one of the most prestigious commercial landscapers in the Philadelphia area.

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