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Snow Services

Snow Services

Rainbow has provided snow plowing services to properties such as apartment complexes, nursing homes, condominium associations, government facilities and other commercial and industrial properties throughout the Philadelphia area for over 20 years! Our services include plowing the entrance and exit driveways, parking lots and accessible parking spaces. We can also apply ice melter to those areas when requested.

*Rainbow does not assume any responsibility for the hazards caused by snow. We simply move the snow to help ease movement, not to decrease or eliminate the hazards to cars or people. The moving of snow causes piles that can add to the hazards.

Ice Melter

50 lb bag Rock Salt  $  6.00 per bag

50 lb bag Calcium Chloride Pellet $17.00 per bag

50 lb bag Landscaper's Choice $  8.75 per bag

50 lb bag of Ice Cutter $ 8.00 per bag

We do not schedule deliveries immediately before or after a storm

Pallet Count:  50 Bags of Calcium Chloride
                       49 Bags of Rock Salt